Friday, 10 February 2012

Made in Chelsea

When I first saw the trailer for a new reality show, about the priviledged lives of the young and rich in the exclusive area of Chelsea, I was captivated. I am a TV show addict (I watch more than 20 shows loool). Some people prefer The Only Way is Essex but I'm a devoted MIC fan :). Despite the first season being a bit dull, I still kept watching it, I was hooked. The second season made up for the first with new cast members, love triangles, gossiping, betrayal you name it. Apart from all the drama, I love the way the cast dress, even the guys lol. Made in Chelsea has become my favourite British tv show ( sorry Misfits and Take me out). I can't wait for the third season to start!

Amber Atherton Amber Atherton attends a party hosted by Francesca 'Cheska' Hull at Bond club in Soho with fellow cast members from "Made in Chelsea". Gabriella Ellis from the show performed during the party.


P.s.\Who's your favourite cast member?

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